Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Youth Team

The Youth Team got a bit of a run out this Sunday with no Charlie or Moxey (International duty) around, it was down to Finn, James and a transfer-deadline-day loan signing, Kathy James to make up the team. I can't forget Nigel however, the one permitted over-age player. Sunday was all about the double-header with a session in the morning at Crosby Hall followed by a session in the afternoon over the way at Ince Blundell.

The morning session was disappointing in terms of numbers, catching a large number of retraps but observing pretty low numbers at the feeding station. The rest of the woods didn't hold much either and despite a flock of thirty Redwing flying over early doors, we were left relatively disappointed. Well, I'm getting the impression that Finn could never be disappointed (making my job easier) but his enthusiasm really is infectious and it was great to see him showing James what he knows already about ageing birds.

The bird of the session was a retrap Great Tit. The bird was an adult, originally ringed in 2010 as a juvenile and this was the first time that we had encountered it since then. In that time, the bird had developed a rather long upper mandible!

Great Tit (Parus major)

Following the session at Crosby Hall, Finn and Nigel headed off for a bit of birding at Hightown, you can see some of their pics here.

We all met up again at Ince Blundell at about 2pm, minus a Kathy - she was playing right back for this one....right back in Bootle miles away from where I had given her directions to, but nevertheless she did eventually arrive!

We caught slow and steady throughout the afternoon and we were able to take a little bit of time to show Finn and Kathy how to age Goldcrests and Treecreepers. Two of the smaller birds that we catch, they are relatively easy to age and the 'creepers were the first ringed by Finn and also Kathy's first ever bird. She did her best to hide her excitement, but ultimately failed.

Kathy and a Treecreeper

Juvenile Treecreeper (Certhia familiaris)

For anyone who is visiting the Anglesey and wishes to do a little bit of birding with the expert local knowledge of Kathy and Ken Croft, you can contact them at Naturebites.

Coal Tit -   (1)
Blue Tit -   4   (6)
L.T.Tit -   3   (4)
Treecreeper -   2
Great Tit -   1
Chaffinch -   2
Goldcrest -   (1)
Robin -   1
Blackbird -   4

TOTAL:   17   (12)

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