Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Top Ten Updated

I've had a chance to update our top ten totals and they show an interesting shift in the balance of different species, with finches starting to come to the fore - largely due to two significant finch 'events' at Kings Moss. The number of Goldcrest ringed is also quite encouraging and, based on our ringing results so far this autumn, it would appear that they have had a relatively successful breeding season - I'm not sure how prominently Goldcrest feature in CES totals around the country but I would assume that it is not very.

1. Swift -   823
2. Blue Tit -   498
3. House Martin -   434
4. Greenfinch -   344
5. Chaffinch -   306
6. Swallow -   298
7. Goldfinch -   255
8. Blackcap -   252
9. Great Tit -   224
10. Goldcrest -   195

It has been another busy week for me at work, but on Wednesday night I will be giving a talk to the Bangor Bird Club about my work ringing in Portugal. To celebrate this event, I've included a picture from my talk.

Orphean Warbler (Sylvia hortensis)

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