Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Busy Weekend

Last Saturday, fresh from our Portugal trip, me and Moxey headed to the North West Ringers Conference organised by the North Lancs Ringing Group picking up Charlie and Chris Bridge along the way. The conference was excellent - a number of fantastic talks and a great opportunity to catch up with various scallywags from across the North West. A big well done must go to NWLRG for all their hard work.

 The Ringers Meeting

On Sunday, I picked up Chris and met Steve at Kings Moss for another session at the two feeding stations, we were later joined by Moxey. Despite the breeze, we persisted with the usual nets around the feeding stations and a line along the hedge in the field. The hedge line certainly paid off early on, picking up a couple of Yellowhammer and this, rather scabby Chaffinch that was, quite obviously, released unringed.

Scabby Chaffinch

Moxey joined us by 8:30 in time to watch the Buzzard find a new regular perch now that the big hay bail stack has been moved. There were no signs of the Barn Owl in the morning, but Alan assures us they are back in the box as the recently installed cameras inform!

Goldfinches were the order of the day early on, along with the usual titmice, but the breeze definately affected the catch rate. By 10am, we had closed the net line along the hedge, despite another Yellowhammer and one escapee. We have now reached double figures for Yellowhammer for the year and whilst that is only ten birds ringed, it is a massive improvement on the groups totals for recent years. Hopefully over the coming months and years, we will build up some decent totals of this species at this site to give Steve a little project to work on!
Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis)

Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella)

By midday, the breeze had got too strong for us to continue and the number of dog walkers that failed to obey the 'ALL DOGS MUST BE KEPT ON A LEAD' signs was really starting to get annoying. As Chris has just started working with us, and managed to rip the crotch of his jeans (a tribute to the fantastic work of Kevin Bloody Grundy and his world famous 'fannypants') we debated whether we should sacrifice Chris for the greater good. Luckily for Chris, and the mental stability of dogs everywhere, we left Chris to learning how to fat and muscle score Blue Tits!

L.T.Tit -   (1)
Dunnock -   4   (1)
Blue Tit -   10   (8)
Willow Tit -   (1)
Great Tit -   3   (3)
Robin -   2   (1)
Chaffinch -   7   (4)
Yellowhammer -   4
Goldfinch -   10   (3)
Greenfinch -   5
Blackbird -   1   (1)
Jay -   (1)

TOTAL:   46   (24)

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