Saturday, 6 February 2010

Through the fog...

One word summarises today perfectly - grey! Following highs of 10 degrees yesterday, the overnight frost will have taken a significant amount of body mass from the birds - so we predicted a certain level of activity at the feeders at Crosby Hall.

The early sunshine soon disappeared and the fog rolled in, our expectations of a bumper catch started to wane. My experiences in Canada and Portugal have always been that during misty/foggy conditions, the birds are reluctant to move around. Luckily though the birds in Liverpool don't pay much attention to their foreign relatives and the birds were quite active around the feeders.

A male Sparrowhawk was seen keeping a watchful eye on the feeding station as the Jays squawked through the Rhodies - still yet to catch either of these species here at CH.

Having only caught two Greenfinches here before, it was pleasing to catch five today, two of them being controls! We'll have to wait for that data though!

We were visited this morning by members of the Blundell family and young Matthew revealed himself as quite an expert with the Blue Tits! The sight of a youngster letting their first bird go from their hands, the expression of delight and wonder will never get old! New trainee maybe?

Blue Tit - 14 (26)
Great Tit - 3 (7)
Coal Tit - (3)
Robin - 3 (5)
Dunnock - (2)
L.T.Tit - 1 (5)
Greenfinch - 3 ((2))
Goldcrest - (1)
Blackbird - 1 (2)
Chaffinch - 3
Nuthatch - (1)

TOTAL: 28 (52) 2 controls

Tomorrows plans are to head to Ince early on and stick it out there, weather permitting.

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